About j.M. Cava




J. M. Cava’s introduction to architecture was through his studies with the renowned American architect, Louis I. Kahn at the University of Pennsylvania, after which he obtained degrees from the University of Oregon and Columbia University in New York.   He has designed buildings and interiors of all types, from houses to high-rises as both a senior designer and founding partner in two of Portland's most prestigious design-oriented firms.  


He initiated several new programs for the University of Oregon, including their Portland Architecture Program, where he taught the design, history, and theory of architecture for many years, publishing numerous articles and books on architecture and design.  

His recently completed book, Of Barns and Palaces, features the extraordinary Northwest mid-century homes of John Yeon, one of Oregon's greatest and most innovative residential architects.


Over the past 25 years, John has designed hundreds of homes in the form of mixed-use buildings, apartments, condominiums and single-family houses, modern and traditional. His current focus is the design of buildings (mostly homes), consulting on projects large and small, and writing on architecture, art and design, with an emphasis on the regional architecture of the Pacific Northwest.